ETTECHX – 05 – 06 – 07 December 2024 – Hyderabad – Telengana


Day - 1 (Wednesday, 9th November 2022)

Timing : 11 AM – 12 NOON
Speaker : Mr. Kabir Bhogilal, Director – Opening New Horizons
Topic: Overcoming the Barriers of reading with the use of Assistive Technology

Timing : 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM
Speaker : Ms. Hemika Kumar, EdTech Program Lead – View Sonic 
Topic: Reinvent Teaching Methadology Gamify Lessons

Timing : 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Speaker : Ms. Monika Kapoor, Former Joint Director – Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Topic: School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA)

Day - 2 (Thursday, 10th November 2022)

Timing : 11 AM – 12 NOON
Speaker : Ms. Prema Ramalingam, Director – Jouve India
Topic: Digital Learning for Niche

Timing : 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM
Speaker : Ms. Arti Kansil, EdTech Program Lead – View Sonic
Topic: Quick & Customized Lesson Planning for Effective Teaching

Timing : 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
Speaker : Mr. Kabir Bhogilal, Director – Opening New Horizons
Topic: How to Live with Children who have Specific Learning Disabilities

Mr. Kabir Bhogilal

He has spent most of his educational life in the United Kingdom and also worked for various industries there. Kabir returned to India in early 2000. Previously he had been working as a management consultant, before he took a step into the engineering field. The Family business is 130 years old and he is the fourth generation entrepreneur.

He is a person who wears multiple hats and always strives to be the best at the roles he takes on. He works with companies in the capacity as an advisor/mentor. Kabir works also with charitable organizations in the fields of education, medical and child care.

Ms. Hemika Kumar

Training Professional with over 13 years’ experience in Behavioral, Communication, Leadership Development, Organization Development, Team Management, Customer relationship & operations Management.

Conducting End-to-end Training (Planning, Coordination, Delivery) Designing and Developing training curriculum. Creating content as per CELTA norms, preparing regular Training Calendars and monitoring the performance. Measuring and reporting on training participation, standards and successes. Proficient in development of effective training programs for junior and middle level.

Have led key projects in terms of design and development of end to end training solutions for various clients

Ms. Monika Kapoor

Skillshare India is a complete one stop educational consultancy company basically works as an academic advisor for nurturing 21st century teachers & learners. We specialize in establishing, developing, managing, operating and enabling growth for schools coupled with academic planning, teaching and learning strategies.

Ms. Monika Kapoor who is the founder CEO of this company and has remained joint Director of CBSE believes in handholding and sharing the expertise and skills. She helps in Accreditation (SQAA) , training , career counseling and bringing futuristic innovation to schools. She has been working on employ-ability skills for college students where they are trained on 21st century skills, capacity building, resource management and soft skills.

Objective: To offer every kind of professional assistance to all educational stakeholders

Ms. Prema Ramalingam

Prema is the captain of Jouve India’s ship and she is responsible for overall strategy of the company. She embraces professional challenges and uses them to unlock new growth opportunities. She loves to collaborate with her teams to deliver exceptional results.

Prema has been in the content development and production space for above 20 years. Prior to her role at Jouve India, She was the Managing Director of Jouve India’s sister company Flatirons Solutions, and established their India operations to handle aircraft documentation and maintenance solutions.

Prema was also part of the founding team for TexTech International in 2005, which was later acquired by Jouve in 2009.

Ms. Arti Kansil

Qualified and trained as an Educator and Trainer, She is open to exploring innovative tools and technology that can make teaching more fun, interactive, engaging and learning for all the participants involved in this community building activity.

An articulate content writer with over 5 years of experience in education and related domains. She enjoys working in concepts related to humanities and language along with teaching Social Sciences and English to secondary school students.

She has experience in creating pedagogic content for aspiring teachers by helping them understand the intricacies of language teaching.