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Expert View

‘NYA is dedicated to shape global citizens’

Viranica Manchu, Founder & Director, New York Academy Shares the vision and mission of New York Academy

Tell us about the establishment of New York Academy
The founding of New York Academy was inspired by the legacy of my grandfather, C C Reddy, an esteemed educationalist who left an indelible mark on India’s education sector. His forward-thinking vision deeply resonated with me, propelling the establishment of the school. NYA provides a versatile platform for students, tailored to their unique strengths and passions, fostering an education beyond conventional textbooks. Our aim at NYA is to empower the next generation, equipping them with knowledge and adaptability and innovative thinking to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

What is your vision and mission of New York Academy in Hyderabad?

Upon my return from studying in USA what struck me was the stark difference in learning environments which inspired a vision for a progressive international school in Hyderabad. At NYA, our mission is to offer a unique global education in India by merging best practices in teaching and learning and diverse perspectives. Our curriculum prioritizes fostering a growth mind set and cultivating happy learners through a fusion of technology and comprehensive education. Our goal is to nurture curious, self-aware, and empathetic global leaders, encouraging collaboration for a more harmonious world. New York Academy is dedicated to shaping its students into future global citizens ready for success.

What are your views on individualized attention as a key factor in unlocking each student’s full potential?

At NYA, we respect, value and nurture the uniqueness of each child. Our commitment to personalized attention acknowledges the distinct needs and learning styles of every student, departing from a standardized model. This method empowers students to advance at their individual pace within a nurturing setting, cultivating a positive outlook on education. Tailoring our methods to individual preferences, our goal is to unleash each student’s full potential and communicate that education is a transformative and enriching journey for all, embracing differences as strengths along the way.

Tell us about the partnership with Notre Dame de Namur University?

Leveraging Notre Dame de Namur University’s expertise, our faculty receives rigorous training in Educational Methodology and Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Professional Learning Communities. This equips our educators with cutting-edge insights for top-tier education. Students benefit from these advanced teaching methods, creating an engaging and forward-thinking learning environment. Additionally, this partnership promotes on-going staff development, fostering continuous enhancement in educational standards at New York Academy.

Share with us the curriculum framework at NYA?

At New York Academy, we’ve merged AERO Standards and the IB curriculum, aligning with top global institutions. Our curriculum prioritizes holistic development, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, effective communication, and ethical behaviour. We promote open-mindedness, diversity, and empathy. Our focus on resilience prepares students to handle uncertainties, promoting balanced well-being. This approach sets high academic standards while shaping versatile individuals ready for diverse challenges.

What are some of the unique aspects of the academy’s curriculum that align it with top international schools globally?

At New York Academy, we are committed to providing relevant and contextualized learning experiences to support not just academic excellence but also physical, social and emotional well-being of each student. Our highly trained facilitators utilize research-based instructional resources and best practices like collaborative projects, interdisciplinary approaches, and interactive learning modules to help students become self-directed and self-regulated life-long learners.

Apart from the core academic subjects, our curriculum places significant focus on co-curricular and extra-curricular areas like physical and health education, music, visual arts and foreign languages. Through technology integration and adaptability focus, we prepare students for a rapidly changing world. We use design thinking to empower learners by developing their confidence, creativity and their ability to collaboratively generate innovative solutions to complex problems. This holistic approach aligns NYA with global institutions; ensuring students develop the attitude, knowledge, skills and growth mind set to become globally competent citizens.

Integration of happiness quotient into the educational environment is gaining ground. Your views.

Creating secure, nurturing learning spaces goes beyond imparting knowledge and values. At our Academy, we recognize that a positive educational environment is vital for shaping well-rounded individuals. Safety encompasses emotional and psychological well-being, empowering students to learn freely and grow personally. NYA is dedicated to fostering an inclusive space where every student, regardless of background or abilities, feels secure, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our educational philosophy focuses on student well-being and happiness, fundamental to their learning journey. We believe in ‘happy learners, happy learning environment’ as a key principle, emphasizing childcare and well-being to ensure academic success through joyful learning experiences. Personalized learning eases student pressure, creating a supportive atmosphere, guaranteeing a holistic education within a positive, enjoyable, and organic learning environment.

How do you see NYA students contributing to society?

I see NYA students as more than achievers; they’ll embody compassion, innovation, and global responsibility. Beyond excelling academically, they’ll champion empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and bridge cultural divides. With NYA’s values, they’ll lead for inclusivity, diversity, and environmental care, shaping a unified, sustainable world in their careers and communities.