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K -12 Education

The joy of outdoor learning

Outdoor learning hones teambuilding, empathy, creativity, interpersonal skills, communication and leadership

Outdoor learning is not a new concept but its value is being felt and appreciated now. Schools have begun to include outdoor learning in a big way. Learning always can’t be bound within classroom. Learning in the midst of nature enables a child to foster resilience. Santosh Tantri of Outlife a n experiential learning provider says, “We have been conducting outdoor learning for last 12 years and students feel enjoyed in adventurous activities, and try to learn from experiences.

A representative of another outdoor activities provider Inme says students come out of their comfort zones and attach themselves in team-building while learning from a gadget free atmosphere. Ranjan Biswas, Managing Director of Trailblazers who have been in the outdoor learning space says, “Outdoor learning supports conceptual learning, enquiry, and hypothetical thinking.”

Multiple benefits of outdoor learning
Outdoor learning hones teambuilding, empathy, creativity, interpersonal skills, communication and leadership. Students also get the opportunity to interact with others. Dr Raghuveer, a Physics teacher says, “In this day and age when students are immersed in mobile phones, outdoor activities help them realize the beauty and joy of outdoor learning.” M Jayant Kumar, Class 5, Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF Barkas says, “After participating in outdoor activities, I made new friends and started involving in new hobbies.” Outdoor learning activities incorporate hiking, camping, or adventure activities that contribute to overall physical health.

Forest bathing
The Japanese concept of ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ (which literally means forest bathing or being in the midst of forest) helps students experience learning by doing and results in increased student motivation, enthusiasm, and engagement.

Overcome fear of darkness
Tackle loneliness
Discover own potential (Students were surprised how they could climb hills with ease)
Nature is the teacher and travelling is learning.

Outdoor learning fulfils various aspects of learning which includes engagement, team building, nature learning and also sustainability. It also encourages conceptual, experiential, hands on and experimental learning, which is beneficial for children. Outdoor learning not only brings physical activity among students, but also helps them in communicating with people rather than sitting within four walls of the classroom. It also enhances resilience within them.