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Reliance’s Hanooman: Mukesh Ambani’s AI model to be launched soon

BharatGPT, supported by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd. and several top engineering schools in India, is set to launch its first ChatGPT-style service soon. This initiative is significant for India’s ambitions in artificial intelligence (AI).

The BharatGPT group, encompassing an arm of India’s most valuable company and eight affiliated universities, offered a sneak peek of the large language model recently during a technology conference in Mumbai.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing chatbot driven by generative AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more. The AI tool can answer questions and assist you with tasks, such as composing emails, essays, and code.

The model, named Hanooman, after the Hindu deity Hanuman, is being developed in collaboration with eight Indian Institute of Technology universities, and with the backing of the government. If successful, Hanooman will represent an advance for India in the accelerating race to develop potentially transformative AI technology.

How can you use Hanooman?              

BharatGPT envisions the model working via 11 local languages in four main fields: health care, governance, financial services and education. Recently at an event,

At the technology conference, the teaser of the AI model was shown to a selected audience. The model displayed a motorcycle mechanic in southern India interacting an AI bot in his native Tamil, a banker conversing with the tool in Hindi, and a developer in Hyderabad using it to write computer code.

While Silicon Valley companies like OpenAI are building ever-larger LLMs, those efforts involve workarounds because of computational constraints and simpler models affordable to smaller businesses and government departments.

Hanooman will also offer speech-to-text capabilities, making it vastly more user-friendly. In a country of 1.4 billion, millions cannot read or write.

BharatGPT’s effort in this space is somewhat unique — it’s the first private-public partnership of its kind in the country, and involves major players in disparate field.

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