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SavvyParent Technologies

Excessive smartphone exposure among children is a problem faced by schools and parents across the globe. Excessive exposure has led to lowered attention spans, higher anxiety, and regressed academic performance.

SavvyParent is a digital platform that brings schools and parents together to measure, understand, and manage students’ smartphone exposure. Our solution helps children to learn how to use digital space responsibly. It allows parents to measure & manage children’s smartphone exposure. And critically, schools can marry students’ usage patterns with academic results to understand the impact of smartphones on academics.

SavvyParent is a Bengaluru based startup and has been founded by two IIM Calcutta graduates. Prior to SavvyParent, the founders were part of organizations such as Indian Army, Amazon, and Google. Armed with expertise in product management and analytics, the founders aim to help every student imbibe skills needed to efficiently manage time in this highly distractive digital age.

Name: Savvyparent Technologies

Country: India

Address: 57, 1st Main, 6th Block, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru 560085

Contact Details: 

Sharath Menon   I   +91 87772 31476   I   I

Lead Schools


LEAD’s International Standard Curriculum and well-researched pedagogy ensure visible growth in student learning outcomes. Students excel not only in English skills but are also exposed to new-age skills like Coding. With robust tech-based solutions, your school can become a centre of excellent education.

LEAD offers comprehensive school academic and admission marketing solutions, boosting the growth of our partner schools. We offer various Tech-based solutions that suit your business requirements.


Country:  India

Address: Kanakia Wall Street, Unit No 1201 – 1205, 12th Floor, B Wing, Near Chakala Signal, Mulgaon, Andheri  East, Mumbai – 400093

Contact Details:  / +91 86828 33333

A I Educator

Metagogy Learning Systems Pvt Ltd

Features Icons

AI Educator is driven by a passionate team committed to revolutionizing education through technology for improved learning outcomes in schools. With expertise in education, research & and development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Design, we empower schools and enable students to thrive.

Our Mission: Empowering Schools, Enabling Students!

At the heart of our mission, we proudly introduce our flagship offering—an AI-powered math practice platform. With innovation at our core, we offer cutting-edge solutions that help educators and students thrive in the digital age, particularly through this AI-enhanced platform. By seamlessly combining technology with offline experiences, we offer a unique and transformative educational approach that unlocks the full potential of every student in mathematics.

At AI Educator, we believe that the future of learning lies in leveraging the power of technology. Join us at the expo to discover how we are redefining education and fostering a new era of student success.

Name: ( A I Educator) Metagogy Learning Systems Pvt Ltd

Country:  India

Address: Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, 2nd Floor, Jasti Towers, Hyderabad, Telangana- 500038

Contact Details:

Parth Mirani / +91  99932 21106 /

Sakshi Sharma / +91 88904 76821 /


Maskeen Toys Pvt Ltd

We at MASKEEN cultivate learning and improvement through inventive play in kids from little babies to your years. MASKEEN is situated at core of India i.e. New Delhi. We are the makers of preschool up with till institutional furnishings and of toys for little kids, and the items are of high caliber and are globally affirmed as well.

Our basis categories of products have-

• Slides
• Swings
• Rockers

  • Classroom furniture
  • Classroom essentials
  • Activity toys
  • Preschool products
  • Flooring
  • Wooden Educational Aids
  • Outdoor Playstations

These are just the basis classification of our products; we can manufacture the products as per your needs and desires as we have our own manufacturing unit. We are here to make your dream turn into reality.

Our main goal is to be the main trend-setter of kid’s items and of the furniture that fabricate minds and improve the family’s festival of adolescence. We are focused on giving quick, proficient and dependable assistance.

Name: Maskeen Toys Pvt Ltd

Country:  India

Address: 10/62, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, New Delhi-110015

Contact Details:

Sahibjeet Singh / +91 98116 44688 /  /


Young Engineer Robotics Academy

Robotics, AI, IoT, Home Automation, 3D Printing & Coding

We are into educating the students about the Robotics, AI, IoT, Home Automation, 3D Printing & Coding

We believe that every student is an innovator, all it takes is vision, and we play a significant role in nurturing it. Our focus lies in educating students about the latest technology and innovations in fields such as Robotics, AI, IoT, Home Automation, 3D Printing, and more. 

These disciplines serve as multidisciplinary tools increasingly used by schools worldwide to motivate, excite, and inspire children about science and technology. 

Unlike others, we go beyond teaching just coding or robotics. Instead, we cultivate skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, programming, logical reasoning, collaborative teamwork, building knowledge in science and math, and improving technical and mechanical skills. These skills are invaluable for shaping their future

Name:  Young Engineer Robotics Academy

Country:  India

Address: Nawab Complex, Tolichowki Main Road, Hyderabad – 500 008, Telangana

Contact Details:

Mohammed Abdul Bari   I   +91 76609 22047   I   I   I

Excel Office Systems


Established in 2005, Excel Office Systems, the pioneering Manufacturer and Supplier entity strives to supply superior quality Office Furniture to its prestigious clientele nationwide.

Our product portfolio includes next-generation Modular Furniture, Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Racks, Heavy-duty storage Racks, sofa sets, modular workstations, Canteen furniture, and School/college furniture. Since the inception, integrity and reliability have remained our key principles, which reflect in the premier quality of our offered furniture.

Name:  Excel Office Systems

Country:  India

Address: F-13 / B / 1, Road No.22, IDA, Phase -1, Pipeline Road, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad – 500 055

Contact Details: 

K.C REDDY(M.D)   I   +91 92468 87721


OFFICE/ADMIN   I   +91 81798 77211   I   +91 96760 10819   I   I


  • Modular Furniture
  • Chairs
  • Racks
  • Office Furniture
  • School & College Furniture
  • Modular Kitchen

Right Fit. Right Style. Right Experience.

We’ve got versatile answers for each work area.The advanced proficiency collection. 



Avishkaar is a leading edtech company that provides innovative Robotics, Coding, IoT and Artificial Intelligence education solutions for schools, students, and enthusiasts. Established in 2010, Avishkaar has been at the forefront of bringing innovation to education and empowering more than 200,000 young problem-solvers and inventors who now have a passion for innovating and building stuff.

Avishkaar’s mission is to make robotics and coding education accessible and fun for all students, regardless of their age or background. We believe that by giving students the opportunity to explore and experiment with technology, they can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills that will prepare them for success in the future.

Name:  Avishkar

Country:  India

Address: 69/2A, Block C, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Contact Details: 

+91 85069 31515   I  I

Tech Innovation Labs

Bringing Next-Gen Tech Skills
Development to your Institute


Bibox Labs

Bibox Labs, a leading design and development company based in Bangalore. With over 10 years of experience, we have worked with more than 1000 schools, delivering high-quality products, curriculum, and software. Our expertise lies in providing a wide range of STEM and robotics kits for hands-on learning, along with a structured curriculum and user-friendly software. We offer comprehensive training and support for teachers, ensuring seamless integration of our products into their classrooms. Partnering with us opens doors to enhanced learning opportunities, access to the latest innovations etc. Join us and empower your organization with cutting-edge tools and resources to foster skill development and success.

Name:  Bibox Labs

Country:  India

Address: Evobi Automations Pvt Ltd (BIBOX), Beretena Agrahara, Next to Play Factory Hosur Main Road, Post, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Contact Details: 

+91 96067 55032   I    I


Computational Kit

A flexible programmable kit for every age group.

Rapid Prototyping Kit

Never curtail the curiousity of a kid with our innovative 3D printer.

Animatronics Kit

A full range of high tech Animatronic Robots ranging from Robotic Arm to Humanoid, to unleash the futuristic potential of your Kid


xQ Video Lab, is a leading EdTech player for Art-Integration through Video-Creation for students aged 8-14 years.

Aligned to NEP 2020, the xQ Video Lab offers teaching learning aids that allow for meaningful integration of videos in academics. These include an educational platform with thousands of STEAM Videos for inspiration; a suite of video editing app & video animation app; textbook with videos projects mapped to the academic curriculum; and the xQ Video Lab – a unique concept that enables a hands-on, immersive experience to learn video-creation in schools.

Company Name:- XQ Video Lab

Country:- India

Address:- Goregaon East, Mumbai

Contact Details:- 

+91 98333 27148   I    I

How Video-Creation helps schools become NEP-compliant

Pisarv Technologies

Pisarv Technologies is a result of entrepreneurial instincts backed by technological minds. At Pisarv we thrive to stay from mundane and focus on innovation to harvest products that are simply awesome. Pisarv Technologies vision and mission is to use the most advanced, cutting technology to invent products that are simply awesome.

We strive to stand out as one of the most inspiring EdTech Product Companies In India. Technology In Touch With Reality. This is exactly what we thought before working on our product focused on augmented reality in classroom education. As an EdTech product company, we closely evaluate the challenges in school education and research thoroughly to make learning fun for kids with technology-based learning solutions.

Our passion towards educational products for schools are meant to bridge the gap between kids and teachers. We ensure that technology makes education simpler, easier to comprehend and unique enough to have a lost lasting impact on students.

Company Name:- Pisarv Technologies

Country:- India

Address:- C4-404, Shalimar Swayam Near MR 10 Road, Indore 453555, Madhya Pradesh

Comntact Details:- 

+91 87706 50615   I   +91 96301 18070   I   I

Our Products

Singhania Education Services limited

Singhania Education is a pioneer in K-10 Educational Services, set up under the mentorship of Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan. With a mission to provide educational excellence in every classroom, Singhania Education has been the epitome of quality education and academia. With state of the art technology and solutions, we endeavour to modernise the education system and create an environment where the learning process will be interesting, fun, and engaging for the students.

Company Name:- Singhania Education Services limited

Country:- India

Address:- Jekegram, Pokharan Road Number 1, Thane West,400606

Comntact Details:- 

+91 74000 43331   I   I

Our Services

Academic (Coming Soon)

  • Singhania’s Quest+
  • Spectrum – learning solutions for Schools
  • Teacher Training Services
  • Customised Learning Platforms
  • Digital Content Solutions
  • School Management & Consulting
  • University Tie-ups
  • Publication Services
  • Principal Mentorship Programmes

Experiential Learning

  • Quest for Coding
  • Virtual Tours & Experience
  • Russian Ballet
  • Career Counselling
  • Mathlete 101 By Neelkantha Bhanu
  • Photography

Skolaro school management system

Skolaro School Management Software is designed with stakeholders of educational organizations to solve key problems through modern technology solutions. Our team of 100+ young and passionate full-time professionals is fully dedicated to the betterment of the platform and better customer experience. Our relentless efforts to innovate and bring the best of technology at a widely affordable price are putting them in a different league than others.

Skolaro was launched back in 2012 with an idea to provide an advanced and easy-to-use software system to the schools, colleges and educational institutions. It was launched with the objective of allowing institutions to manage their day to day functions effectively.


The 50+ Modules available in the Skolaro software gives you major tools required to manage school activities effectively and in a robust manner.

Company Name:- Skolaro School Management System

Country:- India

Address:- Palm Court, 7th Floor, Industrial Development Area, Sector 16, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Contact Details:- 

+91 88904 41227   I   I

Our Services


Product & Services

  • School ERP
  • School Management Software
  • School Management System
  • College ERP
  • University ERP
  • Learning Management System
  • Marketing Services


Welcome to Alpaks Kids World!

Discover. Learn . Grow

Alpaks came into being in 1996 with just one product, the Magic Mould, an artificial clay meant to unleash and nurture every child’s creativity and plant seeds of parallel and out-of-the-box thinking – skills that will help them succeed in every venture they undertake as adults.

We offer a range of toys and learning aids/equipment for toddlers, young children and children with special needs. We sell online and also supply in bulk. 

Company Name:- Alpaks Kids World

Country:- India

Address:- Alpaks Kids World, Plot number 85, Road Number 8, ALEAP Industrial Area, Near Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500090.

Contact Details:- 

+91 88977 44686   I   I

Products By Categories

  • Furniture
  • Montessori Products
  • Language
  • Blocks & Beads
  • Math lab
  • Puppets
  • Play / Sports Equipments
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Classroom Accessories / Teaching Aids
  • Musical Items
  • Wall Elements

Wikikids pvt ltd (Simply Science)

Simply Science is an affordable and accessible,  Learning management System (LMS) platform that provides academic content, & leverages A.I based analytics & feedback via assessments to provide an interactive learning ecosystem in a school or a coaching center.

Our platform offers individual portals for schools, teachers, and students of classes 1-12, covering Science, mathematics, Social Studies and English.

Some of our unique features  include unique Audio Visual Aids (Simulations & presentations), personalized learning paths, real-time progress tracking, and adaptive assessments.

We primarily focus on Guided learning for students, inside or outside the classroom learning and empowering the teachers with great academic tools to teach better and make their  lives easier and manageable.

Company Name:- Wikikids Pvt. Ltd.

Country:- India

Address:- Plot 43, 1-98/2/7/4, Jubilee Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500081

Contact Details:- 

+91 89885 55577    I   I

Saarthi Pedagogy

Saarthi Pedagogy was created on a firm foundation of passion and faith, by educators and researchers who have personally spent years in running and managing multiple schools.

Launched in the year 2020, Saarthi Pedagogy is an Edtech company, revolutionizing the K-12 education sector, offering one-of-a-kind academic kits and integrated curriculum to bridge the digital divide, identify problems and fill the learning gaps with no child left behind.

Saarthi Pedagogy is a pedagogy company, developed to bring schools, teachers and students together to learn and grow. From innovative pedagogies, curated academic content, and experiential learning to integrated
and AI-backed learning management software (LMS) we have been working to bring a change, and inspire young minds to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Company Name:-  Saarthi Pedagogy

Country:-  India

1009 – One World West, T Junction, Ambli, SP Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380058

Contact Details:-  

+91 8140031222  I  I

I active Technology Pvt Ltd

IACTIVE Interactive Flat Panel 4K display has been revolutionizing teaching PAN India since 2018. It aims to build future leaders by changing the age-old teaching-learning methodology in schools. It has helped classrooms evolve into active learning centers by providing an interactive to collaborative learning experience with schools and corporates with a high-quality, interactive canvas for attracting and engaging consumers. Blueskart E-commerce Pvt Ltd (IACTIVE) is providing digital K-12 content in Learning supported by best in class multimedia hardware & services. It is a highly intuitive learning solution with content mapped to CBSE,& Karnataka State English language and kannada language as per state Board. And packed with rich 2D/3D animated content with assessment and practical simulation. More than 20,00,000 students using from I Active Content.

Company Name:- I active technology Pvt. Ltd.

Comuntry:- India

Address:- 1148, 1, 10th C Cross Rd, Mahalakshmi Puram, West of Chord Road, Stage 2, Nagapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560086 ( India )

Contact Details:-

+91 63622 21522   I   I



Being at the forefront of the education segment, ViewSonic Products and solutions are evolving and enhancing our education ecosystems. We offer integrated hardware and software ed tech solutions and are witnessing a significant interest amongst our educators and institutes globally. Our Viewboard interactive displays and myView Board platform are being adopted by educational institutions and educators. The use of our extensive range of solutions benefits instructors, students and institutions or schools.

Company Name: ViewSonic

Country: India

Address: Unit No. 816, DLF Tower B, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi

Contact Details: 

+91 98105 50177   I   I



  • ViewBoards
  • myViewBoards
  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • Commercial Display
  • Pen Display


  • ViewSonic Education Solutions
  • myViewBoards Software Suites
  • ViewSonic Workspace Solutions
  • Personal Display Solutions

Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt Ltd

“We Don’t Stop Playing Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing “

Gallant Sports is rapidly emerging as India’s/South Asia’s leading sports Infrastructure solution-provider and we are proud to be a one-stop shop for all your sporting infrastructure needs. Gallant creates, designs, deploys, and maintains international standard sporting infrastructure – ranging  from indoor to outdoor playing fields. Gallant Sports ensures full compliance from the germination of an idea to its final execution and completion.

Company Name: Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt Ltd.

Country: India

Address: Unit No. – 424,4th Floor, Rosewood City, Eros City Square, Gurgaon

Contact Details:

+91 99586 77005   I   I


  • Artificial Sports Turf
  • PP Interlocking Tiles
  • PVC Vinyl Flooring – Sports and Commercial
  • Swimming Pool Anti Slip Tiles
  • Printed 3D Vinyl Flooring
  • Alveo Shock Pads for Play Grounds (FIH)
  • Athletic Tracks and Jogging Tracks
  • Stadium Seating and Bleachers
  • School Furniture
  • Children Play Equipment Apparatus & Outdoor Fitness Equipment’s
  • Redexim


The only content and technology solutions provider you need.

Creating any content, whether it’s a book, an online learning course, or an animated tutorial, can feel like a catch-22. You could invest in in-house talent, but it’s time- and resource-intensive. You could outsource the project to a vendor, but you have no guarantee of whether their work will meet your vision and standards.

Company Name: Jouve India

Country: India

Address: Door No. 141, S.No.283/1B2, OMR, Kottivakkam, Chennai 600041

Contact Details:

+91 99415 31030   I   I


We Offer

We Serve

J-Connect is like a virtual campus, your trainees/ teachers/employees/students can login anytime, and anywhere to access the training materials/courses from a cloud or on-premises environment. 

Mieux Display Private Limited

Mieux Display Private Limited welcomes you here, the only stop for your Electronic Digital Display requirements for the integrated solutions to upgrade your daily lifestyle. 

The dream of ‘Make in India’ or self-reliant nation gave birth to ‘MIEUX DISPLAY PRIVATE LIMITED’, a Delhi-based company in the field of integrated digital solutions. We are aspired to achieve success with the far-sighted vision. Also, the dedication and hard work of the employees, support, and faith of its clients made us a successful brand in a very short span. Our team of professionals puts their best to the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations and ensures that deliveries of our tested systems are errorless.

Company Name:- Mieux Display Privae Limited

Country:- India

Address:- 207, 2nd Floor, Red Rose Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019

Contact Details:- 

+91 99301 62032   I   I


Microline india pvt ltd

The Leaders in Interactive LED Panels in India.
Microline India is India’s Leading company dealing in Senses Interactive LED Panels which are rated as the best Intelligent Interactive Panels for education in India. Microline India is also providing complete IT Infrastructure solutions to the IT industry for the past 25 years. 
With 42000+ successful LED Panel installations across 1500+ schools, we hold up to 70% market share in the Indian education industry.

Company Name:- Microline India Pvt. Ltd.

Country:- India

Address:- DTP 831, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi – 110025

Contact Details:-

+91 78277 35936   I   I

Products & Services



  • IT Facility Management
  • IT Audit And Risk Management
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • IT Hardware
  • System Integrator
  • Security Solutions

Softlogic India

India’s Leading Education Technology Company

Softlogic is India’s leading provider of smart learning, assessment & institute management ERP solutions for schools, colleges, university and government & corporate training centres. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified organization with quality & trust based customer-base across India & abroad.
Today, use of technology in education (edtech) has transformed traditional educational institutes into digital education environments. Every educational institute has three focus areas viz.Learning, assessment & institute management and Softlogic provides software & hardware solutions for all of them.

Company Name:- Softlogic India

Country:- India

Address:- 512-A, Gera Imperium Alpha, Grant Road, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune – 411 014

Contact Details:- 

+91 97662 97928   I   I

Products, Solutions & Softwares


  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Digital Podium
  • Interactive LED Touch Display
  • Audio Podium
  • Interactive Teaching Pad
  • Visualizer / Document Camera
  • Smart Class Cabinet
  • OMR Scanner


  • Smart Classroom Solution
  • Virtual Classroom Solution
  • Smart City Solution
  • Exam Process Outsourcing


  • OMR Software
  • School/ College ERP
  • Online Exam Software
  • E-Learning Content


The establishment of Siddharth Bros was done in the year of 1983 with the distribution of quality chalks and related stationery products.

As the performance is increasing in the sales target from the locals to the inter state trading and distribution of the same and due to the upcoming corporate requirements and their a gressive demand for such products we have diversified from trading to manufacturing of writing and display system in the year 2005 under the board Flag writing and display systems.

Flag(Siddharth Bros) is habituated in producing quality products which is carried out under the watchful eyes of skilled texhnicians and workers. The quality is maintained right from the selection of raw material till completion of final product and the same standards are applied for the distribution of the products to ensure timely execution of orders with utmost care and dedication.

Flag (Siddharth Bros) works with a vision of continuous development and innovation of the products not only in the current field but also in other related fields as and the demand asise.

Company Name:- Siddharth Bros Red Flag

Country:- India

Address:- 2-290/1, Plot No.13, Near Municipal Office Jalpally, Hyderabad 500005

Contact Details:-

+91 98480 65365   I   +91 92967 57890   I   I


Neotouch India Pvt Ltd

Neotouch is a well-established Indian Company having more than 20 years of experience in the field of education. We have maintained a high value system despite changes and advancements in technology. We adhere to international standards of quality but are deeply rooted in our Indian Values. We are backed by a business group whose core area of expertise is Education, wherein we as a group, understand the various challenges the educational sector is presently facing. We have our presence all across India, and implement our cutting-edge technology to leverage the opportunities in the educational segment.

Company Name:- Corporate Concepts Infra Pvt. Ltd.

Country:- India

Address:- Corporate Office No. 18, Veekay Manor No 8/28, Gopalakrishna Road, T.Nagar – Chennai

Contact Details:-

+91 89258 21440   I   I


D - Series


N - Series


M - Series


OTHER Products

Sharing Software

Writing Software

Neotouch Accessories

 Among the most popular by far, interactive displays by Neotouch is the leading choice. While complete packages on their own offer enough bandwidth to get you going, our Interactive panel of displays can be upgraded even further with the right choice of accessories. Listed here are the most important and helpful ones if you wish to augment your interactive display experience.




Sketchwood Modular

We are one of the leading manufacturers, centrally located in hyderabad spreaded in an area around 30,000 sq ft. having the best state of art machinery to cater the needs of Residential and Commercial establishments like Educational Institutions, Corporate Offices and Home Interiors, Etc. We are specialized in manufacturing of school furniture, Dual desk, Teacher Tables, Nursery Tables, Playschool Tables, Computer Lab Tables, Study Chair, Hostel cots, Hostel Cupboards, Study Table, Library Racks, Library Tables, Lecture Hall Furniture, Auditorium Chairs, Office Chairs, Waiting Hall Furniture, Glass Writing Boards and Conference Table Etc. The Products portfolio even comprises the latest Modular Kitchens, wardrobes, TV units, Dining Sets, Cots, Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, Modular Workstation Etc.

Company Name: Sketchwood Modular

Country: India

Address: 1-7-133/R/26/1, Beside Prelam Trading Corporation, IDL Lake, Raghavendra Nagar, Moosapet, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072

Contact Details:

+91 70322 08924 / +9144 2930 0999   I


Home Furnitures

  • Modular Kitchens
  • Modular Wardrobes
  • Luxurious Sofas
  • TV Cabinets
  • Relaxing Bedroom Sets
  • Attractive Dining Tables & Sets
  • Spacious Cabinets

Commercial Furnitures

  • Modular Furniture for Workplaces
  • Awesome Tables & Chairs for Office
  • Spacious School & College Furniture
  • Attractive Canteen Furniture

Teachmint Technologies Pvt Ltd

Teachmint is an education infrastructure startup and the creator of the Integrated School Platform, an all-in-one school digitization solution. We have enabled millions of educators and thousands of schools to create global, future-ready classrooms with our proprietary technology and school software solutions. Today, Teachmint is available in 20+ Indian and International languages and has served 1.8+ crore users from 30+ countries through its platform.

Teachmint’s flagship product, the Integrated School Platform, empowers every stakeholder of the school with a one-stop solution combining admin management capabilities, strengthening teaching-learning infrastructure, driving student engagement and delivering superior digital content. We believe that the right integration of technology can help school leaders unlock the highest potential of their institutes and bring the best out of their teachers, students and even parents.

Teachmint was founded in 2020 by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia and Anshuman Kumar – alumni of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi with executive experience at OYO, McKinsey, Swiggy and Roposo. Teachmint is backed by leading International and Indian investors such as, Lightspeed, Learn Capital, Goodwater Capital, Vulcan Capital, Better Capital, CM Ventures, Epiq Capital and Titan Capital.

Company Name: Teachmint Technologies Pvt Ltd

Country: India

Address: 5th Floor, North Wing, SJR The Hub, Survey Number 8, 2 & 9, Sarjapur Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Contact Details:

+91 80350 73710   I   I


  • Learning Management System
  • Fee Management
  • Exam Planner
  • Student Tracking System
  • Digital Content
  • Student Information System
  • Report card
  • Assessments
  • Admission Management
  • TeachPay


WeXL Edu Pvt. Ltd.

We are an Academic Excellence Company that assures a minimum 50% increase in the academic performance of the institutions (schools) through our Micro Learning Program (patent filed). We have developed a comprehensive platform with multiple patents filed, which can aid and accelerate student learning outcomes and teacher productivity.

Company Name:- WEXL EDU PVT LTD.

Country:- INDIA


Contact Details:-

+91 85200 55540   I   I

Business Verticals

  • Institutes
  • Smart Schools
  • WeXL Learning Center
  • Publisher
  • CRTP
  • Corporate LMS
Teacher Training Program

Yamaha Music India Pvt Ltd

The Yamaha Philosophy is the philosophical framework that forms the foundation for business management at the Yamaha Group. The Yamaha Philosophy is made up of the “Corporate Philosophy,” “Customer Experience,” “Yamaha Quality,” and the “Yamaha Way.”

 Our goal in doing so is to consistently provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.

Company Name:- Yamaha Music India Pvt Ltd

Country:- India

Address:- P 401, JMD Megapolis, Sector-48, Sohna Road, Gurugram-122018, Haryana, India

Contact Details:-

+91 124 485 3346   I   I


  • Piano
  • Keyboard Instruments
  • Guitars & Basses
  • Synthesizers & Music Production Tools
  • Brass & Woodwinds
  • Electronic Entertainment Instruments
  • Drums
  • Percussions
  • Audio & Visuals
  • Professional Audios
  • Unified Communications
  • Apps for iOS & Android

Abhyaas Edu Technologies Pvt Ltd

Abhyaas Edu Technologies Pvt Ltd is an IIM Bangalore alumnus initiative. We are an Edu Tech company with direct presence in the education sector. This uniquely places us to understand the real problems faced in the education sector and solve them most effectively unlike typical tech companies solving from the periphery.

Company Name:- Abhyaas Edu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Country:- India

Address:- 191/D & 101, Survey, Rd Number 1A, Prashanthi Hills, Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500090

Contact Details:-

+91 83416 80090   I   I

Units of Abhyaas Edu Technologies

Our Other Products

Ankita Enterprises

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as an established and professionally managed Engineering and Marketing organization dealing in Office Automation Industry since more than 20 years.

We have fully organized service set up with Engineers and other technically competent Sales Staff headed by Mr. Rajiv Khanna, Chemical Engineering Graduate from IIT Kanpur to take care of customer queries about application etc. The enterprise has been in Office Automation Industry for the past ten years.

Company Name: Ankita Enterprises

Country: India

Address: B-41 DDA SHED okhla industrial area,New Delhi-110020

Contact Details: 

+91 98185 50558 / +91 98100 60258   I /   I   www.


  • Dell Projectors
  • Easyrite Interactive Whiteboards
  • Kyocera Mita Digital Copier / Printer
  • E-Waste Collection Points
  • Easyrite Interactive Pad
  • Easyrite Interactive Panels
  • Easyrite Professionals large Display
  • Easyview Visual Presenters
  • Julong Ultra IP Board
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Premier Boards and Pads

We “ Premier Board Pads” are the specialized in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Office Supply Products. Our products include Board Stand, Exam Pads, White Boards, Engineering Drawing Board, Pin Up Boards, Blackboards, White Marker Board, Green Chalkboards, Box File, Index File and other stationery products. These products are widely used in Offices, Institutes, Schools and Educational institutions and can be purchased at market leading prices.

Company: Premier Boards and Pads 

Country: India

Address: 13- 1- 114/A/2/1/A, Opp. Jagannath Muth Sitarambagh, Mallepally  Road, Hyderabad 500006 (T.S.)

Contact Details:

+91 94408 91922; +91 92465 71651   I   I


Box File

Exam Pad

Green Chalk Boards

Index File

Pinup Boards

White Boards

Priyanka Enterprises

Our journey started in the year 1995 with the establishment of the iconic company “Priyanka Enterprises “. All kinds of  teaching learning material  , indoor play equipment, kids  furnitures, floor mats, Interiors and Outdoor playground  equipment etc and many more for School related

Company: Priyanka Enterprises (Smile Play)

Country: India

Address: 12, City Towers,  Diagonally Opp. Yashoda Hospital,  Malakpet,  Hyderabad Telangana , India – 500036

Contact Details:

+91 98491 12001 / +91 98490 07177   I   I