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Do plants purify the air in your home?

Looking for air-purifying plants? Some scientists have suggested that choosing the right air purifying plants for your home can help detoxify the air in your living spaces, meaning your houseplants not only look lovely but work a little harder to clean the air you breathe in.

Our modern-day homes can have some airborne ‘chemicals’ due to many different materials used in furniture, and in paints. In fact, modern furnishings, synthetic building materials, and even your own carpet may carry more chemicals than expected. These chemicals can make up to 90% of indoor air pollution.

What are air-purifying houseplants?

Recent Studies found that there are a number of air purifying plants that can detoxify your home from the airborne toxins, dust and germs that can be found in a variety of household products, materials and furniture.

From snake plants to ferns, much of the greenery that adorns living rooms and kitchens is marketed as air-purifying. However, scientists largely agree that vegetation can’t do very much to clean an entire room. Now, a Parisian start-up known as Neoplants is trying to change that—by growing genetically modified plants that filter harmful chemicals out of the air.

Though at very low levels, some houseplants can assist in reducing these from our homes by purifying the air around us.  Here are some of the best air purifying houseplants that can help make your home not only decorative but a healthy environment too!

Aloe Vera

You are probably no stranger to the notion that Aloe Vera provides many health and beauty benefits due to its healing ability, making it a common plant for the home. However, it also provides air purifying abilities to help some common chemicals founds in household detergents, paint & glue. Aloe Vera works by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide during the night – which means the air is being cleaned while you sleep!

Devil’s Ivy

Famed for its large, waxy leaves, the Devil’s Ivy is perfect for keeping the air in your home clean. If you’re not very good at taking care of plants, this one is brilliant to consider as it works well in most light conditions.


Also known as ‘Mums’, these flowers can provide a beautiful burst of colour into your home; available in a variety of colours ranging from yellow, pink, red and white! Not only do they make a lovely display, but they are also great for cleansing the air. They are also particularly useful in removing chemicals associated with paints and glues.  To keep your Chrysanthemums flowering, make sure you place them in a room that is bright and receives a lot of direct sunlight.

Snake Plant

Another plant which gives off oxygen in the night is the Snake Plant, or as you may know it, the Mother-in-Laws Tongue. These plants are can remove a variety of air pollutants, including carbon dioxide as they use this to transpire making it one for the best houseplants for air purification.

Peace Lily

A popular houseplant that blooms indoor is the beautiful Peace Lily. These plants have unusual white flowers and have been identified as one of the top air purifying houseplants for removing harsh chemicals and purifying the air! They work by absorbing the airborne ‘toxins’ through their leaves, down into the roots and break them down in the soil.

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