ETTECHX – 15 – 16 December 2023 – Hyderabad – Telengana


Conference on Technology, Innovation & Management in Education


  • The culture of leadership
  • Positive Education & Leadership
  • High Performance Learning: How to Become a World Class School
  • Finding Simplicity in Complexity
  • Data Science & Data Management: How do you analyze?
  • Early Childhood Education: Importance of pedagogical Documentation
  • Transforming the Future ……NOW
  • Born to Play: The importance of self-directed play in early years’ education as a key tool to under locking children’s fullest potential
  • Nurturing Student Entrepreneurship
    Vocational Education as an indicator of the global economy
  • Anticipating and preparing for emerging jobs and skills
  • Role of Technology in Higher education


  • Class Room Analytics: Measure attendance and how you can measure how effective the teacher is presenting a topic to students
  • Effective learning in the digital age
  • Digital Skills – How to ensure your students are # future ready
  • Women in tech – Are schools doing enough?
  • How innovative technologies in education impact the learning experience
  • What does the increase in digital technology means for future?
  • Exponential Technologies in K-12: 22nd century skills
  • How schools are revolutionizing teaching for active engagement?
  • Underachieving students: How to help them?


  • Bringing awe & wonder into teaching
  • Why entrepreneurship must be taught at schools?
  • Creative thinking
  • The future of Learning
  • Creating a learning Ethos for 21st century skills
  • Project base learning & robotics
  • Web based robotics & Simulation
  • Evaluation Criteria and tools for measuring the impact of robotics on student’s learning
  • Teachers training in educational robotics
  • Methodologies for teaching robotics
  • Exemplary robotics projects in classes
  • Paradigms used to define and explain quality in education
  • Defining quality in education
  • Globalization & education reform needs for educational int. in India
  • What does quality means in the context of education?