ETTECHX – 15 – 16 December 2023 – Hyderabad – Telengana


The industrial coffee table book accompanying the ET TechX Education Forum aims to provide a comprehensive and intricate overview of the education sector in India. It acts as a valuable resource by accentuating the noteworthy features, advancements, and achievements of educational institutions, professionals, and organizations operating in the region.

The book encompasses detailed profiles and triumphant narratives of diverse educational entities such as schools, colleges, tuition centers, music schools, and sporting academies. The book underlines their positive influence by showcasing their significant contributions to education and the community. Moreover, it provides profound insights into government initiatives, educational trusts, and the transformative role of technology in reshaping the educational landscape of India.

Furthermore, the industrial coffee table book accentuates the significance of the ET TechX conference as a pivotal platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among educators. It incorporates insightful interviews, scholarly articles, and compelling case studies from industry experts, educational leaders, and stakeholders. This substantial content sheds light on emerging trends, pressing challenges, and best practices in the education sector, furnishing readers with valuable and actionable information. Crafted with a visually captivating layout and richly informative content, the industrial coffee table book is tailored to captivate and enlighten its discerning audience. 

It serves as an all- encompassing and indispensable resource for educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the education sector in India. By encapsulating the essence of the region’s educational ecosystem, the book strives to inspire and foster further growth and development in the dynamic realm of education.


1. Top K-12 Schools in India

2. States Educational Government bodies (Department of School Education, Higher Education, Technical Education, Collegiate Education, etc.)

3. Central Educational Government bodies (CBSE, ICSE, Ministry of Education)

4. Government Agencies / Think Tank such as NITI Aayog, Assocham, FICCI, WE-HUB, T-HUB, etc.

5. Top Colleges & Universities in India

6. Incubation Centers in IIT, IIM & other leading institutions.

7. Foundations (Adani, TATA, Reliance, Piramal, etc.)

8. Trade Associations (BESA, DIDACTA, KOTRA, World DIDAC, ASIMA, etc.)

9. Embassies in INDIA.

10. International Ministries of Education. 

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